8 GOLDEN LOCKING NUTS : 4,00 € ($ 4,50)

These 8 golden locking nuts feet well with all trucks. There are delivered with a sheet of mini pre-cut Close Up stickers.

REPAIR / SAFETY KIT screws, nuts, bushings, washers&

This repair kit contains 5 rectangle quality rip tapes 35 mm wide, with a Skull Hand logo printed, 3 pairs of bushings, 8 screws, 2 sizes of metal washers, 6 silver LOCKING NUTS for trucks and a multi tool to assemble them, plus a sheet of mini pre-cut Close Up logos stickers.    


This flat bench is made in France, of resistant and smooth resin, white marble style. Its dimensions are 20 cm length x 5 cm high x 4 cm width and a black Close Up logo is printed under the seat. Stable, it is perfect for all grinds and slides you can imagine, as it is […]

Pack black Coffin curb + complete set up OF YOUR CHOICE

This pack contains a Black Coffin Curb Version2, hand made and a complete fingerboard set up of your choice. Select your Board graphic, trucks & wheels colors while validating your order (comment field)

Pack White Bench + Complete Set Up of your choice

This attractive pack includes 1 white marble bench + 1 complete set up of your choice. Just confirm us your Board Graphic, Trucks & Wheels colors into the comment field suggested, while validating your order (comment field)

Close Up Marble Bench White

This Marble Bench is the latest CloseUp curb. Really stable with anti slippery. You can ride the bench and its back seat. Size : 19cm width x 7cm height x 6cm depth + 3 colors available

COFFIN CURB2 Black Ltd Edition

This Coffin Curb 2nd second edition has been designed to be more stable. Its base and new sliding top include 3 magnets to get a perfect closing.You can slide and grind it, as well as rank your pencils and fingerboards…This one is painted in Black but still get a discreet Skull Hand logo in relief. […]