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This complete wooden fingerboard set up includes a real maple plies 33 mm wide deck, high concave, with our famous Close Up Skull Hand logo, CNC quality bearing printed wheels, painted & printed trucks, tool and all nuts, screws, bushings, washers necessary to assemble it your own.
A rectangle rip tape to cut your own is also included under the deck + Close Up fingerboards stickers.


La livraison peut prendre 3 à 5 jours après validation du paiement pour la France, 5 à 10 jours pour l'étranger. Merci pour votre votre confiance et votre patience.

Delivering can take 3 to 5 days after payment validation in France, 5 to 10 days for foreign countries. Thanks for patience and confidence.

17 Réponses

  1. Adam SLOVAKIA Google Chrome Linux says:

    Are those trucks size 29 mm in this set?

  2. Rachel NEW ZEALAND Safari Mac OS says:

    Do you ship to New Zealand, and how much?

    • Closeup FRANCE Safari Mac OS says:

      We ship to New Zealand no problem, for only 6 € added to your shopping cart. Thanks for confidence and support

      • Closeup FRANCE Safari Mac OS says:

        Bonjour Nico, nous avons un article représentant 5 rip tapes en 29, 30 et 31mm et allons suggérer un “Repair Kit” contenant 4 rip tapes, 1 kit outils, gommes, visseries, écrous et rondelles pour les trucks, d’ici à 24h dans la rubrique Obstacles et All products. Merci pour votre patience, votre confiance et votre support.

  3. Nícolas Freitas da Silva Google Chrome Windows says:

    Do you guys ship to Brazil, and how much?

    • Closeup FRANCE Google Chrome Mac OS says:

      We ship to Brazil for 6 € any complete Fingerboard box, but if order includes a bench or coffin curb, shipping will be 20 €.
      Obrigado for confidence and support.

  4. Yoan COSTA RICA Safari Mac OS says:

    Pardon entre 31 mm et 32 mm ? La difference

  5. Youri FRANCE Safari Mac OS says:

    Bonjour j’aimerais vous commander cette board mais je me pose la question , à t’il le petit outils pour tout monter le skate dans le pack ? Et sinon combien de temps faut il avant de recevoir la commande en France métropolitaine ? Cordialement

  6. Jacob SPAIN Google Chrome Windows says:

    Diferences about high and low concave?

    • Closeup Safari Mac OS says:

      Deck high concave has more kicks and is easier to launch flips or certain tricks, low concave presents lower kicks, means flatter deck, also cool for cruising and ramp riding…

      • Jacob SPAIN Google Chrome Windows says:

        Oh nice, I was thinking in buy this one. I had some wood decks before but nothing professional. So i’m a little bit beginner. Thanks!

  7. Jacob SPAIN Google Chrome Windows says:

    I mean, the size of metal that block the screws and bussings

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