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This complete wooden fingerboard set up includes a real maple plies 33 mm wide deck with an original Shifty Skateshop graphic, CNC quality bearing printed wheels, painted 32mm wide trucks, tool, locking nuts, screws, bushings, washers to assemble it your own.
A rectangle riptape you must position and cut, is also included under the deck, with a Close Up skull hand logo laser printed. This is the cheapest professional complete fingerboard set, including a large bearing for each wheel.

La livraison peut prendre 3 à 5 jours après validation du paiement pour la France, 5 à 10 jours pour l'étranger. Merci pour votre votre confiance et votre patience.

Delivering can take 3 to 5 days after payment validation in France, 5 to 10 days for foreign countries. Thanks for patience and confidence.

11 Réponses

  1. Hi there, Ι log on to yߋur blogs regularly. Уoᥙr story-telling stgyle iss awesome, ҝeep diing what you’re doing!

  2. charlie UNITED STATES Google Chrome says:

    what color are the trucks supposed to be

    • Closeup Google Chrome Mac OS says:

      Hi Charlie, golden trucks, but you can chose with a comment, down the page corresponding to adress/name/mail infos…
      Thanks for confidence, we will place your favorite color ;!

  3. Mathieu FRANCE Google Chrome Linux says:

    Es qu il est livré avec les outils nécessaires pour le monté merci

    • Closeup Google Chrome Mac OS says:

      Bonjour mathieu, il y a l’outil de montage et toutes les pièces nécessaires sous la planche dans un mini zip (vis, boulons, gommes, rondelles métal + outil) Merci pour votre visite et voter support.

  4. Brandon Perez Google Chrome Linux says:

    Do you guys take usd?

    • Closeup FRANCE Safari Mac OS says:

      Hi Brandon, our website and secured banks are making the money conversions automatically. Thanks for confidence and support.

  5. Loic Google Chrome Windows says:

    Salut j’aimerais savoir si les troues son fait sur cette board ?

  6. Eduboard Google Chrome Windows says:

    Wait, does this complete also come with the “new printed trucks 32mm” like the other completes?

    • Closeup Google Chrome Mac OS says:

      We now suggest only 32mm trucks into our complete sets. We just should have re-shoot few products…thanks for confidence and support.

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