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This new deck has a Dream Skateboards graphic, medium concave, not too high, not too flat, perfect for all beginners and technical riders as well! 33 mm wide is keeping a realistic miniature skateboard aspect for those who collect Close Up graphics. Delivered with 1 piece of rectangle rip tape with a skull hand logo printed by laser.



La livraison peut prendre 3 à 5 jours après validation du paiement pour la France, 5 à 10 jours pour l'étranger. Merci pour votre votre confiance et votre patience.

Delivering can take 3 to 5 days after payment validation in France, 5 to 10 days for foreign countries. Thanks for patience and confidence.

10 Réponses

  1. malo FRANCE Google Chrome Mac OS says:

    esque ca deck est en bois?

    • JH Safari Mac OS says:

      Toutes nos Boards sont en bois, 5 feuilles d’érable compressées, à la manière des decks grandeur nature. Merci pour votre visite et votre support.

  2. virgile FRANCE Netscape Navigator says:

    Je voudrais savoir qui est la personnes sur la baord?

  3. WH FRANCE Google Chrome Windows says:

    2pac non?Supers skate,le top qualitée sur le marché 😉

    • Closeup FRANCE Safari Mac OS says:

      Notorious ; ) de Dream skateboards. Merci pour le compliment et le support, de nouvelles créations verront le jour avant Noël grâce à vous!

  4. Gary UNITED STATES Safari Mac OS says:

    Just wondering if this deck is for sale? I just noticed that the last time this page was edited was in 2014.

    • Closeup FRANCE Google Chrome Mac OS says:

      Unfortunately, this deck is no more available for now, we’ll get back online soon.. thanks for understanding and support

  5. Karlo SWITZERLAND Google Chrome Windows says:

    When will come this deck or will it be a complete set?

    • Closeup FRANCE Safari Mac OS says:

      Hi Karlo, we may produce it again on 32 mm wide decks, but around june or july only. thanks for patience, confidence and support.

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