New Close Up collection Generation 5.1

CLOSE UP Fingerboards company from Paris France, is proud to present you its new complete wooden fingerboard set up, suggested in a colored compacted box packaging.


Inside box materials are the best you can find for such public price on all market!

  • 1 real maple wood fingerboard made of 5 compressed plys.
  • 4 real bearing printed wheels, made of urethan
  • 2 pairs of printed colored trucks, to assemble with métal washers and silicon bushings
  • 1 pre-cut laser printed riptape to fix on the fingerboard
  • 1 tool to assemble your fingerboard parts (notice on the back of the box)

This new GEN5.1 Close Up fingerboard set up, medium concave shape on a 30mm wide deck, also suggests a 31mm wide deck, medium concave with our Skull Hand famous logo.
Over 40 different graphics are now available into new Box packaging, as you will find again 2013 graphics, with high concave shape deck, 30mm or 29mm wide (also mentioned into online shop titles)


In complément of those, all obstacles on CLOSE UP online shop.
New original designed products will come before Christmas…

Thanks again for your attention, confidence and support since 2007,

Genuine regards,
Close Up team

La livraison peut prendre 3 à 5 jours après validation du paiement pour la France, 5 à 10 jours pour l'étranger. Merci pour votre votre confiance et votre patience.

Delivering can take 3 to 5 days after payment validation in France, 5 to 10 days for foreign countries. Thanks for patience and confidence.

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  1. Bonjour je souhaiterai faire un partenariat avec vous si sela et possible

  2. martin Sarraute FRANCE Google Chrome Linux says:

    Bonjour, c’est pas possible d’avoir des board de ce set ?

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