Pack black bench + Complete set up of your choice – 39,90 € ($ 44,30)


This attractive pack includes 1 white marble bench + 1 complete set up of your choice with new locking nuts. Just confirm us your Board Graphic, Trucks & Wheels colors INTO COMMENT FIELD suggested, while validating your order and confirming shipping informations.




La livraison peut prendre 3 à 5 jours après validation du paiement pour la France, 5 à 10 jours pour l'étranger. Merci pour votre votre confiance et votre patience.

Delivering can take 3 to 5 days after payment validation in France, 5 to 10 days for foreign countries. Thanks for patience and confidence.

9 Réponses

  1. Gabriel R. PORTUGAL Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    can I choose any deck, wheels and truck? or are the completes sets established by you?

    • Gabriel R. PORTUGAL Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

      complete sets that are on the site*

      • Closeup FRANCE Safari Mac OS says:

        Just select your favorite bench pack and add an extra message into the comment field, detailing your trucks and wheels colors. Thanks for confidence again.

    • Closeup FRANCE Safari Mac OS says:

      Hi Gabriel, of course you can select your trucks, wheels colors, just add it into the extra comment field suggested after classic payment & adress informations. Or just confirm us on once you finish your order validation. Thanks for confidence and support Gabriel.

  2. Will Safari Mac OS says:

    Bonjour j’ai un déçu bollie (blackriver) , je voulais savoir quel était le prix denvoie svp?

  3. Closeup Safari Mac OS says:

    Hi Logan, which was “Complete Franz Eugen Nature set”. New graphics may come at the end of this week, we are just little late 😉

  4. Petar Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hi, i wanted to order but then i saw thta u dont have Serbia in country category. Do u ship to serbia?

    • Closeup Google Chrome Mac OS says:

      Hi Petar, we can exceptionaly try to ship but with a really safe adress an local safe delivery service because we lost 2 times 2 packages there.

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