• USD: 10.04$

This new deck has a Bud Skateshop graphic, medium concave, not too high, not too flat, perfect for all beginners and technical riders as well! 33 mm wide is keeping a realistic miniature skateboard aspect for those who collect Close Up graphics. Delivered with 1 piece of rectangle rip tape, skull hand laser printed.

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  1. Tyrone szago

    How long is the deck ?

    • Closeup

      Hi Tyrone, the deck is 102 mm long counting the nose & tail flat. It can sometimes approach 101mm or 103mm long, as all the decks are strictly hand made. Thanks for confidence & support.

      • Tyrone szago

        Do you have some Shorter Decks?

      • Closeup

        Hi Tyrone, we are sorry because for now we only have different widths or concave but not different lengths! (

      • Closeup

        Hy Tyrone, we have shorter decks if you read well the title, you have the deck width indicated ; thanks for looking again ;

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