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This new board, 31mm wide has a low concave shape ! Still 5 maple wood plys, printed graphic then hand varnished, keeps realistic proportions and allows easily all technical tricks!

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  1. sussi

    Hey my name is Sussi

    • Closeup

      Hi Sussi, we are Close Up team, ready to satisfy your requests. Thanks for support

  2. gonçalo

    do you ship to portugal?
    if so whats the price???

    • Closeup

      We ship to Portugal for 4 € any orders! and it can take 4 to 7 days to be delivered. Obrigado

  3. Desange

    Cb pour le mans?

    • Closeup

      Oui, cela marche très bien via les CB pour Le Mans, comme pour toute la France!

  4. bill

    deck avec courbe vers le bas avant le tail/nose ou pas?

    • Closeup

      Oui légère courbe pour un bon concave cependant. Merci du support

  5. pierrik

    Pour faire partie de l`équipe comment fait on ?

    • Closeup

      Envoyer des liens de vidéos bien montées, bien sonorisées et originales…

  6. Jordan Martin

    Is the rip tape branded. Also could you add grip tape as well for a price of course. Thanks I think your boards are awsome.

  7. Jordan Martin

    Also what width and length is this board

    • Closeup

      29 mm wide deck x 98 mm lenght thanks for patience and support

  8. Jordan Martin

    Does this come in a zip bag like the setups

    • Closeup

      Boards separately come into a small Zipbag and a sticker, thanks for patience and support

  9. Christopher


    Do you guys ship to Norway? Dosen’t look like anyone does.

    • Closeup

      Of course, we do ship to Norway quite often, for 4 € and it can take about a week max to be delivered. thanks for confidence and support.

  10. Aris

    do you ship to greece?
    if so whats the price???

    • Closeup

      We ship to Greece for 4 €, any order. Thanks for confidence and support.

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