• USD: 27.55$

This complete wooden fingerboard set up includes a real maple plies 33 mm wide deck, medium concave, with an original Collapse Skateboards graphic, CNC quality bearing printed wheels, painted 32mm wide trucks, tool and locking nuts, screws, bushings, washers necessary to assemble it your own.
A rectangle printed rip tape is also included under the deck, to position and cut. This is the cheapest professional complete fingerboard set, good for all levels.

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  1. Axel

    Hello, how long would it take to get to Spain?

    • Closeup

      Hola Axel, all orders take between 4 to 6 days by priority mail or traced package, Gracias per supporte.

  2. Andrew

    Hello, how long is the deck in mm?


    • Closeup

      Hi Andrew, this Collapse deck is 102 mm long (nose + tail flat), thanks for confidence and support.

  3. Brandon

    Hey I live in U.S my bank card is USD when I go to order it comes back to payment failed. Could you help me?

  4. fabio georgenthum

    bonjour envoyer vous les colis pendant le confinement

    • Closeup

      Bonjour Fabio, toutes les commandes sont expédiées pendant, quelque soit leur taille! Merci pour votre confiance et votre support.

  5. Bruno de vecchi

    How many dollars would I send to Argentina?

    • Closeup

      Hello Bruno, shipping to Argentina would cost 6 € shipping for any Complete set order (except if you add an accessory which is 10 €) Obrigado per supporte.

  6. Gabriel Costa

    Hey to you guys ship it to Portugal, how long does it take and how much does it cost? Thanks

    • Closeup

      Ola Gabriel, we often ship to Portugal for 4 € any order (except when order includes a Marble bench or Coffin Curb). It takes about 4 to 6 days max. Obrigado.

  7. bram barnes

    sorry for all the comments, but how long would it take to get to the U.S

    • Closeup

      Hi Bram, it usually takes about 7 to 9 days to be delivered to US, any state ;! thanks again for confidence and patience

  8. Gabriel Costa

    can i get silver trucks with those ?

    • Closeup

      Ola Gabriel, yes you can ask silver trucks into your complete set, just mention it into the comment field suggested on the order infos page. Gracias por supporte.

  9. PEPPE

    hi, do you also sell riptape and bearings for trucks? I can have the link so I add it to the cart

    • Closeup

      Hi Giuseppe, you can go to Accessories or Bearing wheels page to add those to your cart, but you also can take any complet set + confirming your favorite color for trucks (we only have white CNC bearing wheels for now) Thanks for patience and support.

  10. Loic

    combien de temps y a t’il pour les frais de port ?

    • Closeup

      3 à 5 jours pour la France, pour 2,70 € de frais de ports, 4,00 € pour l’Europe et 6 € pour le reste du Monde.

  11. mik

    combien de temps pour qu’il arrive au canada ?

    • Closeup

      Bonjour Mik, 5 à 8 jours en moyenne, merci pour confiance et support

  12. Oihan

    Bonjour, est ce que il y a un suivi de commande ?

    • Closeup

      Bonjour, suivi de commande sur les paquets et colis de + de 100 Gr, enveloppe à bulle prioritaire en France pour les commandes d’un seul Kit. Merci pour votre confiance et votre support.

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