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This complete wooden fingerboard set up includes a real maple plies 33 mm wide deck, medium concave, with a “Notorious Big dollar bill” graphic, CNC quality bearing printed wheels, new printed trucks 32mm wide, tool and locking nuts, screws, bushings, washers necessary to assemble it your own. A rectangle rip tape to cut your own is also included under the deck + stickers.

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  1. Javier

    habria posibilidad de hacer la tabla de 34mm?

    • Closeup

      Ola Javier, we are thinking about a new deck 34mm wide but it will not be that graphic, probably with a Close Up Skull hand logo. Gracias por supporte.

      • Javier

        Vale gracias, es que me gusta mucho el gráfico, pero me gustaria que fuera de 34mm

      • Javier

        Algun dia lo hareis?

      • Closeup

        Not for sure for this graphic Javier, but 34mm wide finger decks with new graphics will coming soon. Gracias

  2. clement monsant

    bonjour, est ce que c’est possible d’avoir des auto collant avec le finger skate?

    • Closeup

      Bonjour Clément, des auto-collants sont offerts dans le Kit complet ; Merci pour confiance et support.

  3. clement monsant

    D’accord et merci pour votre retour très vite.

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