Articles avec ‘golden’


This Coffin Curb 2nd second edition has been designed to be more stable. You can open it by sliding carefully the top on the right side if facing the logo. This Curb can be used as pencils case, jewels or fingerboards box!

Y-TRUCKS CHROME/GOLD 34MM WIDE : 49,50 € (52,40 USD)

These are the latest Y-Truck, designed by Yellowood Fingerboards and fitting all kind of bearing wheels, ultra light as extra resistant, these trucks are really high quality trucks made in Portugal! They fit with deck shapes from 33mm to 35 mm wide, any kind of concave.

NEW CLOSE UP TRUCKS GOLDEN 32MM : 10,50 € ($11,90)

These new Close Up golden trucks are 32mm wide, matching perfectly with all deck shapes (31mm till 34mm wide). These printed trucks include small and large metal washers, small and large yellow silicon bushings, plus lockings for all axes! + stickers

8 GOLDEN LOCKING NUTS : 4,00 € ($ 4,50)

These 8 golden locking nuts feet well with all trucks. There are delivered with a sheet of mini pre-cut Close Up stickers.