Turntable Video

First fonctional turntable fingerskatepark was seen in 1999, in the ” Fingers of fury! ” video, produced by 411 Video Magazine.

Developped in 2004 by Damien Bernadet (France), this 2nd edition, turning with a variable speed engine, offers a mix of miniature antological skateboard spots (EMB, le Dome,Macba)

This video show you the practical side of the turntable concept, but more fingerskate parts on it coming soon.

For further informations, contact Close Up ©.

Street Video

This short teaser from 2003, has been made quite long time before Close Up creation, to approach the real skateboarding footage and environment through fingerskateboarding, the real discipline…
This street looks like a real one from Paris (Belleville area).

Technical footage shows you the basics of fingerskateboarding, on a home made flat rail.”

  1. quentin 16 years ago

    oui se serai bien des rampes close up pour fingerskate .

  2. quentin 16 years ago

    allez-vous vendre la turnable table ?

  3. romain 15 years ago

    je me suis acheter deux fingers skates et une rampe tech deck, je voulais savoir quelle etait la différence entre dech deck et close up

    PS: merci de me repondre

  4. magisien du finger skate 15 years ago

    la differance c que teck dech c du plastock donc bidon alor queclose up c du bois

    jesper quil von sortire le fingerskate park close up

  5. simon 15 years ago

    eseque il y a des clos up volcom ou dc shoes…

  6. magisien du finger skate 15 years ago

    nn mais par contre ya 5BORO etc cherch e sur le eshople plus beau c le purple

  7. val 15 years ago

    pour info le magasin nollie weelingh a fermer a pontoise j’ai voulu y aller:POF! un magasin de percing a la place!!!Il faut aller a Citadiume pour ce qui habite en banlieu parisienne

  8. baiseuse Grosse 10 years ago

    C’еst sans mentir de lla jօie de visiter votre site

    • JH 10 years ago

      Merci pour vos compliments et votre support.

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