COFFIN CURB2 Black Ltd Edition


  • USD: 27.36$

This Coffin Curb 2nd edition has been designed to be more stable. Painted in France, you can open it by sliding carefully the top on the right if facing the logo. This Curb can be used as pencils case, jewels or fingerboards box!

Its base and new sliding top include 3 magnets to get a perfect closing.You can slide and grind it, as well as rank your pencils and fingerboards…This one is painted in Black but still get a discreet Skull Hand logo in relief. It’s sold and delivered in a red carton box.

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  1. ben

    ru shure itb is limmeted edition because finger skate selective got one and was told it was limeted edition when there r lots of them on the website now

    • Closeup

      They are only 200 units Black Edition in the World Ban ; ) Thanks for asking.

  2. Kevin

    Hello CloseUp support. I wanna know how much is the shipping to Peru for example if I want : COFFIN CURB2 Black Ltd Edition & Close Up Antiz Skateboard Gen4 + Bearing Wheels … 55 €

    So how much is the shipping costing about to Peru if I order this things ?

    • Closeup

      4 € for the shipping to Peru, for any order online and about 8 to 10 days max to be delivered. Gracias por paciencia.

  3. LeRandomGuy

    Hi, just a suggsestion but it would have been cool with a black coffin with a white close up logo 🙂

    • Closeup

      Yes thanks good idea, but it is hard to keep the logo white by spraying in Black. They also look more discreet in whole Black! thanks for suggestion and support.

    • LeRandomGuy

      I just ordered it, and im super exited so im wondering how long those the shipping take to Norway ? 🙂

      • Closeup

        In Europe it takes like 5 to 10 days after the day it is shipped. Also depends if you live in Oslo area or in a little village far away from everything in Narvik area…
        Enjoy the crazy long day there!

      • Closeup

        We will ship it tomorrow but should take at least 4 or 5 days to be delivered to Norway. thanks for patience, confidence and support!

      • Closeup

        1 week max for Norway, any order. thanks for patience.

  4. Theman

    Hello closeup , i wanna know how long the shipping malaysia

    • Closeup

      About 10 to 12 days to be delivered to Malaysia, thanks for patience and confidence.

  5. LeRandomGuy

    Thank you so much i love the coffins and the t-shirt 😀 Peace out from Norway.

  6. Emilien

    Bonjour,est ce que c’est une boite pour ranger les roues,trucks,decks ?

  7. Closeup

    Oui, elle peut même servir de curb ou module à slider/grinder + sert de trousse à crayons, stylos…

  8. Enzo

    Juste une suggestion Pourquoi ne pas le faire tout bleu ou bien tout ou je ne ses pas mais noir c’est trop simple trop triste trop sombre pourquoi ne pas le faire en vert ou jaune enfin des couleurs vivantes et qui ous parle a tous ou si non jes une putain dider… : Sa serais de faire un pack avec un closup complet avec un curb comme ce lui si mais si le closup c’est cliche lucas puig et bien marquer Lucas puig sur le curb avec sa eule ou sa signature bon bonne chance pour la suite et tachez de ne pas nous desevoir car vous etes trop bien partie 😉

    • Closeup

      Merci pour ces idées auxquelles nous avons pensées depuis 2007, cependant vous sembler ignorer le prix des royalties à reverser aux Pros ou aux marques partenaires, même s’il reste facile de les contacter… Encore merci pour ces suggestions, votre compréhension et votre support.

  9. Enzo

    Derien et sur tout mercie de m’avoir repondue… Et bonne chance pour la suit.

  10. Kevin

    Hey CloseUp, Do you still having this coffin ? ^^

    • Closeup

      Of course, we still have few ones in stock and can ship all other the world with good protection. They are hand finished. thanks for confidence and support.

  11. FanDeCloseUp


    Je voudrais savoir combien me couterait une livraison a Rennes
    avec un close up g4 un tee shirt close up (pour les vidéos car j’essaie de mettre en avant Close Up dans toutes mes vidéos) et un coffin.

    Merci D’avance

    • Closeup

      Pour tout montant, 2,70 € d’expédition sur la France. vous pouvez faire une simulation d’achat en ajoutant tous vos produits souhaités, ce qui vous donnera le total incluant l’expédition. Merci pour votre visite et votre support.

  12. Tristan

    Es ce que le support est pour un g3 g4 ou g5 ???

    • Closeup

      Ce Coffin Curb convient à tous les support, aucuns problèmes.

  13. Akif al aniq

    Hey close up how much its the shipping included the coffin curb2 to Malaysia

    • Closeup

      6 € only for a Coffin Curb 2 to Malaysia, we often ship there safely in about 10 days… Thanks again for patience and confidence.

  14. Dennis

    I am wondering on shipping time. How long until I would see it in US if I order it. Really interested in the product

    • Closeup

      Hi Dennis, this Black Ltd Coffin Curb is shipped by traced package, which takes about 6 to 8 days max to get to your home in US, we’ve shipped many successfully, but of course it will cost you 10 € to 15 € added to your cart, depending total amount…
      Thanks for confidence and support!

  15. Dennis

    Would you make a custom painted one for extra charge? I Really enjoyed the stained darker wood color on the previous model. Or even a slime monster green would be rad!

    • Closeup

      Hi Dennis, can you right us on, that we can suggest and show you last stained darker wood models we have left.
      We may have one left for same price ; thanks for confidence and confirmation on this e-mail.

  16. axl

    Bonjour, quelles sont les dimensions svp^?

    • Closeup

      Bonjour Axel, le cercueil fait 23,5 cm de long, 10 cm de large au centre et 5 cm de haut. Merci pour confiance et support.

  17. J

    Hi. Are you guys still selling this coffin?
    Thank you.

    • Closeup

      HI, of course we still have few units left but they sell quite fast this year again. thanks for confidence and support.

      • J

        My apologies, I know I asked this before but are there still coffins left to pair with complete sets? I want to get one very soon. And do you guys ship to United States?

      • Closeup

        Hi mr J, we ship to US and we still have those Coffin Curbs in our limited stock. thanks for patience and support.

  18. Fred

    How long is it?

    • Closeup

      Hi Fred, traced package takes about 5 to 7 days max from France to US, thanks again for patience and support

  19. Maximo Do Nascimento

    Je peut avoir les dimension dû cercueil SVP

    • Closeup

      Bonjour Maximo, 23,5 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm, grazie.

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