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This complete wooden fingerboard set up includes a real maple plies 33 mm wide deck, medium concave, with a Slide Box Skateshop graphic, CNC quality bearing printed wheels, new printed trucks 32mm wide, tool and locking nuts, screws, bushings, washers necessary to assemble it your own. A rectangle rip tape to cut your own is also included under the deck + stickers.

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  1. Closeup

    Bonjour Propsper, nous expédions sous 3 à 4 jours en France, 4 à 8 jours en Europe..

  2. Renaud Devergnies

    Y-t-il moyen de changer la couleur des trucks dans le set ?

    • Closeup

      Bonjour Renaud, actuellement nous n’aurons plus que des trucks Or (non printés) et des trucks Rouges (printés) jusqu’à mise à jour de tous nos modèles et couleurs plus variés. Merci pour votre compréhension et votre support.

  3. mattis

    des stickers pardon

    • Closeup

      Bonjour Mattis, 2,70 € pour les frais en France, 4 € en Europe et 8 € pour le reste du monde. Avec stickers dans chaque commande, merci pour votre confiance et votre support.

  4. Bruno de vecchi

    Trae tape?

    • Closeup

      Rectangle rip tape to cut your own is included into each complete set. Gracias

  5. antoine

    bonjour est ce que la visserie pour monté la board avec le trucks est fournie😁

    • Closeup

      Bonjour Antoine, un sachet de visserie avec outil de montage sont fournis sous la planche, ainsi q’un grip (riptape) rectangulaire à poser et découper vous-même. Merci pour votre confiance et votre support.

  6. Emerick

    Quand y aura t’il à nouveau du stock ? Merci

    • Closeup

      D’ici ce week-end, tous les graphics seront en ligne. Merci pour votre patience et votre support.

  7. Maxime

    Bonsoir est ce que c’est possible d’avoir se modèle avec les trucks en noir ?

  8. lale


    can you say shipping price please?

    • Closeup

      Hello, shipping price for all European countries is only 4,00 € added to your cart total amount, thanks for support.

  9. lale

    hello! i bought that fingerboard it is
    really good but sometimes one of the wheel goes off from truck can you help?

  10. ahser coffey

    I have 2 questions 1 how much is shipping to the us 2 how long does it usually take thank you

    • Closeup

      Hi, shipping to US is 6 € added to your cart and it takes 6 to 9 days depending the state. thanks for patience and support

  11. asher

    sorry this may be a little bit of a long question. but i was thinking maybe if you could do a finger board like the one on the picture with the keys and the cions with the gold trucks and white deck and wheels. But i really like the slide box one.So would there be any way for you guys to tell me which one is more popular.thank you

    • Closeup

      Hi Asher, in a way many graphics are popular now, especially our principal Close Up Skull Hand logo but this Slide Box graphic also encounter a real success, as the hand and fingers are the principal tool to practice 😉 Thanks for confidence and support.

  12. Asher

    Thank you so much I will be buying one of of your fingerboard soon.till next time thank you

  13. Kyle

    Hi.I was wondering how you get your graphics on your boards.cause I make my own fingerboards some times,but I have to draw the print.

    • Closeup

      Hi Kyle, Close Up co. produces its own + brands graphics for large decks quantity only. To get your own graphic, your choice is the best or you can go for a nude deck 😉 thanks for confidence and support.

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